"Cash Flow Positive At The Flip Of A Switch"

Welcome To BioStar Lighting: Commercial LED Lighting Systems

 BioStar Lighting is a lighting upgrade company providing LED lighting solutions for industrial, commercial and retail businesses. Our mission is to provide complete solutions that will substantially improve energy efficiency and eliminate lighting maintenance and bulb replacement. These commercial LED lighting solutions will make businesses more profitable and sustainable, using less energy, while increasing the quality of light.

BioStar Lighting provides customers with a full service lighting evaluation. This includes, but is not limited to, facility analysis, ROI calculation and the research and processing of available rebates. We are able to provide app-only financing with no money down while keeping customers cash flow positive or neutral. You start saving the moment you flip the switch.

Our central location in the Kansas City metro area, paired with our national network of strategic partners, makes it possible for BioStar Lighting to provide complete solutions for commercial LED lighting systems across the United States.