LED Lighting Financing

EnergyShare LED lighting financingYour Savings Pay For Your LED Upgrade

With BioStar’s exclusive EnergyShare program, LED lighting is no longer an expense. It is an investment in energy savings!

By switching to LED with no money down, you can stay cash flow positive and increase your lighting quality and efficiency. EnergyShare is designed to make professional LED lighting upgrades easy, affordable, and immediately cash flow positive.

It’s as easy as flipping the switch.

At its core, EnergyShare is an operating lease requiring no money down, coupled with professional lighting design and installation. The LED lighting financing program is designed so that savings and tax advantages are maximized. Your energy and operational savings pay for the LED upgrade. The BioStar team provides a true turnkey LED lighting solution for clients.

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No Money Down

Advantages of LED Lighting Financing:
  • No upfront capital required
  • Cash flow positive from day one: Your energy savings cover the cost of lease payments with LED lighting financing
  • The total cost of the upgrade is often less than if you paid cash upfront!
  • Off the balance sheet: No debt
  • Flexible Terms: 3 to 6 year terms for commercial projects, up to 10 years on federal, state, or municipal projects
  • Path to Ownership: Transfer of ownership any time after year two, with a Fair Market Value purchase
  • Simplified process ideal for single site or multi-location businesses
  • An option for insurance backed performance and savings guarantee
Tax Advantages:
  • Payments qualify as an operating expense, offsetting income dollar for dollar
  • Accelerated Depreciation: Take the entire expense over the term of the lease. No long depreciation schedules.  Lighting is generally depreciated over a long, 39-year term, so the operating lease is the ideal financing program.
  • Tax Abandonment: Take an additional deduction by “abandoning” your old fixtures. This deduction can be quite substantial as it is based upon the purchase price of the new system
  • Learn more about the tax advantages of operating leases vs capital leases, loan financing or cash upfront
Complete Lighting Design Service:
  • Lighting survey, design and product selection
  • Energy savings and financial summary
  • Utility Rebate analysis and acquisition
  • Project management and nationwide installation services
  • Third Party verification at completion

“Cash flow positive the moment you flip the switch”

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The payment option and interest rate are subject to change.