LED Lighting Solutions Sales Partners

The BioStar team has extensive construction and development expertise, having personally built literally billions of dollars of construction projects, so we appreciate the expertise of the companies we partner with. We work together to create and deliver long-term economic, engineering, and construction value.

These companies have extensive experience in electrical contracting and energy efficiency, and we are confident in their ability to provide top-quality LED lighting solutions.
You can also read about our first in class LED lighting suppliers.

LED Lighting Solutions Sales Partners

MC Power

With clients around the Midwest, MC Power has the experience and expertise to deliver cost-saving construction, electrical, solar energy and LED lighting systems for virtually any commercial or industrial application. Their experience from traditional construction and electrical contracting has enhanced their strength in LED Lighting system design & installation. They have successfully installed LED lighting projects that include recessed downlights, troffers, luminaires, street/roadway lights, canopy/soffit lights, parking structure lights and flood lights. MC Power employs the most highly skilled staff, including Master Electricians, that can self-perform virtually all of the work. Every employee on the job has successfully completed their safety training program.

Innovex Green

INNOVEX’s principals, Rob Albright, Stephen Moffitt, and Dave Conner share a common passion of leveraging INDEPENDENCE, INTEGRITY and COMPETENCE to drive measurable cost savings to the clients’ bottom line, while significantly reducing environmental impact in the process. Each technology and product in the INNOVEX portfolio is unique in purpose, and quantifiably effective. They are driven and vigilant…in pursuit of new opportunities to deliver added value to their clients’ balance sheets.

Empire Green Technology Inc.

Empire Green Technology Inc. Is a leader in providing high tech energy efficiency products to businesses large and small. When they complete a project, their customers enjoy immediate savings in energy costs, along with reduced maintenance and supply costs for their business, and when they leave you will be cash flow positive the moment you flip the switch.

Canyon Building & Design

Canyon Building and Design builds confidence. Your business makes its first impression before you ever meet face to face with a customer. It’s your customer’s encounter with your building, store front or retail outlet that may tell a potential customer that you are a business that they feel confident doing business with. The physical presence of your business is literally the foundation of your brand identity. At Canyon Building & Design, they are dedicated to creating quality craftsmanship that’s reflective of the quality people at the core of your business.